We know almost nothing about this guy.But he invented Extremis and made the Extremis Company.The father of Purple Man and the Archenemy(formely) of the Balrentor.

Balrentor saw his face but it was gone..His back is all black and the face almost non-recognisible!He killed him with the Illusion Blades and did a destuction to Extremis sending it to Marvel.After that comics and movies had ExtremisSubjects in.But Balrentor destroyed it and the Marvel Extremis Projects.He killed the Extremis Core,its subjects and it's Devil.But it is unknown why he wanted to die,cause he died with 2 stabs.His last words were.

"Illusion of a Copycat..Purple in the Ghost....Iron Man in the Mark VI,Marvel Extremis will

Probably the ri would be rise.-------

He is Balrentor's Brother.His powers are almost good as his.The Third Best Extremis was Copycat,the Second was Extremis Devil and first is the Lord Balrentor.