Balrentor Taliban is an Anti-Marvel character which has armors like Iron Man and mutant powers of Wolverine.He created the Cryptessence Alloy and had a weird experience matching the Iron Man.He has been a victim of his father and lived as an Creator for his family.

Balrentor:The Origin of Lords

Balrentor speaks about him and his family and says that the weapons will be his gift.But when captured by the Army he was ordered to make a Pulse Charge but he built an armor called the War Lord.He escaped and learned that his assistant was the Army King  that wanted the Army to upgrade their armor and give it to him.In the end he stole Balrentor's Palladium Core and he was forced to fight with the Training Armor,which had limited weapons.In the end Army King died and the core was depleted.In the end-credits scene Balrentor says:My Origin ended.Now I must face it.

Balrentor 2:The Word of the Medusa

Balrentor has seen that Extremis sources were powered by the Medusa Company.He remembered that Medusa was a great creator and killer.He soon learned that the Lords of Fear were in her sights.After killing Medusa and the Fear-entors the Extremis fell to Marvel.Balrentor doesn't have a choice than to go to Marvel and delete it.But when he stopped the time Extremis Illusions killed the Time Stopper and Extremis went to Marvel Cinematics Universe

Balrentor 3:Meeting Extremis.Say Hi to Marvel!

Balrentor helped Iron Man and did the Extremis Antenna not to fall in the ground so it kills the city.He helped Tony by saving the injured people from Extremis Explosions and saving others from dying from the Illusions.He ended Igor-Busters life doing the Extremis Spell which made his traces(Extremis) destroy the armor killing him.We only know his name and that he comes from another Marvel Universe,the Anti-Marvel.He gave Tony,a copy of his suit...the Mark 2000-Anti-Evil Armor. In the beginning he was shapeshifted to Thor and said about Extremis.After Extremis' Destruction Balrentor was a close friend to Marvel Heroes.

Balrentor 4:Father of the Damned.

Balrentor's dad(Devilor Taliban) and his son The Devil seek for Balrentor but when they do he is in Marvel Universe and then the Shadow Lady just kills Balrentor making Devilor furious killing her and his son.After that he took Balrentor's Armor he was the hero and did all the heroic missions.In the Anti-Marvel Destruction he was the person that saved it from the rays.But in the 2nd he failed and the planet was destroyed and Anti-Marvel gone.