Balrentor has a lot of weapons powering his suit and his heart

Arc Reactor:Able to keep Balrentor alive and give me a lot of strength,and able to call his Hot Killer Armor.

Outside the Armor:Mutation is low but has full Iron Man Mark III Arsenal.Also Shaper L.A.R.C Program to assist him.

Inside the Armor:A variety of weapons inside the Hot Killer Armor-Hot Rod-Killer

Prehensile Technology:Inside the Armor he can separate him self and become an explosive armor,missles or Sliding Gun.

Missles:There are two missles used for Balrentor

Jericho Missile:Powered enough to kill and destroy half countr.Stronger than Tony's/

Missle Launcher:Mini-Missiles are thrown but have a big strength

200-Pettwatt Single-Use Throw and Kill\Turn and Burn System.

Turn And Burn is the laser used in Iron Man 2 and can be used 5 times in Killer Armor.

Throw and Kill is the same with Turn and Burn but you throw it and it stabs you until it cuts your heart.Used 5 times also.But one of these types can be used in combat.

Mini-Laser:This is only the laser shown in the Avengers,

Repulsor:Have a Blast is what Balrentor thinks about them.They have big strength more than the toughest Marvel Villain.

Unibeam:Able to kill but used 2 times is enough to lower the power.It was used once in Marvel.It is part of the Overcharge.

Overcharge:Using all in the Concussive Cannon putting the suit's weapons in the cannon blasting a lot of power.

Large Concussive Cannon:Drains the suit and leaves Balrentor un-suited for 1 minute.He uses the suit and does a blast with it.Strong enough to destriy the Adamantium Wall of Extremis Pulse Blood Antenna.

Man-Hero:Same power.

Wild Form:Same but upgraded.

Repulsors with Plasma Charges

Unibeam throws 4 small missles.

Balrentor becomes 20 Jericho MIssles and doesn't die.Only used in dire times.

Overcharge throws 4x more power.

Hand-To-Hand-Combat is enough good to kill

All Weapons do more damage.

Wolverine Claws can pop.

Vibranium Blade can pop and is more sharp than before.

Extremis Flame,Illusion and Regen Powers Granted.

He was a FORMER Extremis Expiriment.