Balrentor helped Iron Man and did the Extremis Antenna not to fall in the ground so it kills the city.He helped Tony by saving the injured people from Extremis Explosions and saving others from dying from the Illusions.He ended Igor-Busters life doing the Extremis Spell which made his traces(Extremis) destroy the armor killing him.We only know his name and that he comes from another Marvel Universe,the Anti-Marvel.He gave Tony,a copy of his suit...the Mark 2000-Anti-Evil Armor.

Balrentor has more strength from the Marvel Universe,but he doesn't come a lot to Marvel Universe.He comes only in dire situations.Balrentor has more strength because of the Vibranium Cryptessence Arc Reactor Mark X.It looks like Tony's Vibranium one but with a tiny square down.

Former Extremis Expirement.