This is a movie made by is a story that Purple Man makes Extremis again but Tony and Balrentor(a mysterious ally) get to save the people and kill the subjects.Rhodey becomes one but Tony saves him right in the nick of time.Rhodey,Tony and Balrentor use their powers.


Rhodey-All the Extremis Energy in Repulsors so he can heal from the Virus,Minigun Barrage

Balrentor:The Mega-Overcharging Strike of the Damned

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After the destruction of the company the subjects had terrible fates all leading to death.But Balrentor cured some people and then he said that  he will always help Tony  in dire times.The Pulse Ray Antenna was in Balrentor's Universe and Balrentor found that it was an Antenna Power Sequence.S.H.I.E.L.D burned the papers that Purple Man stole and the Extremis was destroyed forever.(REMOVED)In the end-credits scene it shows the Igor-Buster getting hacked and then showing its death.Pepper was in a trip so she couldn't learn about Tony.But when she did,she said that Extremis was an upgrade and only people that REALLY need it,do it.So they were using it to heal people but they changed it after Purple Man gave the papers.So Purple Man killed and destroyed people and one of the best healing companies...


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