Iron Man: Darkest Night is a feature film based on several story arcs. It is the sequel to the 2013 film, Iron Man 3.


Tony has quit the superhero life to design ecological technology, although he is developing a new armor as a precaution.


(Tony): What do you want?

(Cord): Nothing much.

(The screen shows: The Darkest Night)

(Tony, in his armor): Full power!

(The screen shows: Has Come)

(Tony blasts the Iron Patriot)

(Anchorman, on national television): Is Tony Stark turning corrupted?

(Edwin): He is. Which is why he must sell his company to me, the owner of the company most similar to his.

(The screen shows: The World Has Lost Trust)

(People run from one of Tony's armor)

(The screen shows: Iron Man: Darkest Night, coming 28th August 2013)


(Rhodes): It is my honour to test out the 043 prototype, by my friend, Tony Stark!

(Audience cheers and claps)


  • Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark:
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts:
  • Don Cheadle as James Rhodes:
  • Anton Yelchin as Edwin Cord:
    A corrupted leader of Cordco, Edwin desires Tony's wealth to save his failing company. He kidnaps Tony's friends, in an attempt to wrestle control of his company by forcing Tony to sell his shares of Stark Industries.

Removed From CastEdit

  • Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian