Iron Man: The Golden Avenger is an animated series part of the universe, Earth-88888.

Plot Edit

Genius, billionaire Tony Stark faces a new threat in his life: Villains! when they capture him, they order him build a weapon but instead builds a powered suit of armor. After returning from Afghanistan using an upgraded armor to fight crime Tony Stark becomes the golden avenger: Iron Man!


*Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/ Iron Man

*Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

*Terrence Howard as Lt. Colonel James ''Rhodey'' Rhodes


Episode list Edit

1. Crimson Dynamo Edit

A flashback from 1973 is seen with Howard Stark and Anton Vanko working on the prototype arc reactor

Howard: How is it, Anton?

Anton: Its OK

the arc reactor is with allot of energy that it set the hole place on fire

Anton: Let's restart

Howard: No, we can just make adjustments!

Anton pulls a gun

Anton: You listen to me Howard or else...

Howard: Security!

The security arrest Anton

Howard walks away

Howard: Obadiah, buddy let's go

Obadiah: Sure, let's go

Anton: I will teach Howard the coward a lesson!!!

Present day

The hall of armor is seen

Tony: JARVIS, can you fix the mark 7?

JARVIS: sir, that won't be working

Tony: Alright, give me the mark 3

Tony is suiting up

Rhodey visits Tony's lab

Rhodey: Buddy, I have heard a lot about you including the battle of New York!

Tony: I know, right?

Rhodey: Where are you going?

Tony: There's an incident at Stark Industries, there is a guy calling himself Crimson Dynamo

Rhodey: That name sounds extremely evil. You don't have to do this.

Tony: Don't worry, I'll do my best

Tony dons the iron mask and flies out

Crimson Dynamo: Tony Stark. Designed weapons for war and was getting on his nerves while tasting war himself!

Iron Man: Of course I would! What else would you expect me to do!

Crimson Dynamo: I am Anton Vanko. I have worked with your father until I betrayed him. Then I was banished to space in a suit of armor. Then I learned the suit's capabilities and returned here! Iron Man fight the Dynamo in a forest Iron Man: Shouldn't have do- ne that Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo keep fighting Crimson Dynamo crashes into a tree Iron Man: I got you! Iron Man pulls Anton Vanko out of his suit holding him Iron Man: you will return to Russia Anton: OK