1st Part:The Future Is Extremis!

Balrentor:Look the Future's Portal Interface and you will see what will happen if we don't stop Extremis.

Tony:Oh God!


Extremis Mother:Come to me,kid.Let's kill.

Purple Man:Say Hello To Extremis!Use Tony's Armors(Mark 42 damaged)!

BOOM-Suit Explosion.All People in Extremis Mode.

Portal Closed.


Tony:Let's go.Rhodey won't be any part of this.

2nd Part:Finding The Lord Balrentor

Purple Man:You made a lot,Balrentor and stay with pity Marvel Heroes?

Balrentor:I do what I must do for the good of the world.

Purple Man:Go and live horror.

Balrentor:Wanna fight?

Purple Man:Come On!Bring It.(Shades Shoots With Repulsors)

Balrentor:Did. It.

Purple Man:I will return.

3rd Part:Learning The Past

Tony:Why you came?Since you are a warrrior go finish this.

Balrentor:Extremis isn't a joke.

Tony:How do you know?

Balrentor:I..I was an Extremis Project.Their Best.Curse my father...

Tony:Wow.Who is your father.

Balrentor:Taliban...Taliban Devilion.Do you know him?



Tony:Search the name.

Jarvis:Info not found.

Shaper L.a.r.c:Found Info.Here:

This Person was the Lord of Devils and he even mutated his child.His origins are unknown but we know that he is The Devil.

Tony:What is Shaper.Larc?

Balrentor:He was in my brain with the expiriment.He's like J.A.R.V.I.S but  upgraded and helping with more.

Lord's Arc Reactor Charge is the L.A.R.C.

Tony:L.O.R.D tech is not good as I know.

Balrentor:Yes.But the name thinks it's good.

Lord's Overpowered Reactor Destroyer-L.O.R.D.


Balrentor:Well,now that we found everything,learn about the Future and my meeting with Purple Man.