The Copycat,copies all the armors of Iron Man for his survival,cause he was in cancer and Extremis' Pulse Ray was saving him.After its desctruction,he copied every armor.People say that he is the Ghost of the Iron Man,but it is unknown.

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The Copycat stole Igor's Powers but he become Igor-Buster cause the traces of the Extremis Project stuck him in that armor.Capable of winning even Thor ,Hulk,and Captain America in 1 shot.

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The Copycat was Igor-Buster until his cancer rejected the powers and caused him to explode killing 50.000  people and injuring 10.000.

The Copycat was a person with cancer but Extremis saved him.After it's destruction he haunted people,but got stuck in the power of Igor.Being Igor-Buster for only 1-2 days was a torture.His body rejected the Extremis causing a large explosion killing and injuring more than 40.000 people.

Igor-Buster armor could lift a lot like Igor.When it took Igor it changed the color to red and upgraded the systems.In the end he had strength close to Tony's Mark 2000.But it is unknown if this it true.

Igor-Buster when he was close to death.


Copycat's Armor before the Pulse Ray was destroyed.

Copycat's Hacked Armors

Mark VI.