This Company was helping people but when Purple Man got Extremis Subject Prototype Papers they made people mutants.

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The Company's subjects were Illusions with Flame and Regen Powers.Some get offensive,some defensive,some for stealth,and some for speed.

Mark VI-Offensive

Purple Man-Defensive and Speed\The Extremis Illusion-Offensive and Stealth

Ghost of the Iron Man-Stealth

The Copycat:All.He was their best subject,so it died last.

After the Company's destruction their papers and the Extremis Pulse Ray Antenna broke and Extremis Illusions went unstable having horrible fates.

The Symbol of the Extremis Company.

They aren't so powerful to have Advanced power. The element Vibranium was an alloy from Marvel and it's used by Balrentor and Extremis.But Extremis doesn't have the Cryptessence for Palladium,Vibranium and Magic Power.If they had it they could have maximun Power and have advanced Extremis like the Balrentor one.Balrentor was the 1st and the best Extremis Subject because of Advanced Tech and that he is a half-robot design immune to Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenades or Antennas.Other people wanted to be half-robot so they can be Advanced but they died.Copycat was Advanced too,and he was a shapeshifter,hacker and EMP Power-Lord.Copycat's Strength was high enough so it was matching the Extremis Devil one.