He appears like Mark 26 Armor.He is really strong for an average armor.He is an Illusion of Purple Man.The Extremis made him think like Aldrich Killian so he is the Illusion of Aldrich Killian\The Extremis Illusion.

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The Extremis Illusion is a clone of Aldrich Killian(Iron Man 3) and after Pepper Pots killed the original he came and said to Tony that the war didn't finish.

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Tony:What are you?

Extremis Illusion:Tony,remember that the Extremis hasn't ended yet...

Nick Fury:Tony!Don't listen to him.He is trying to hack you with Extremis!Kill him NOW!

Tony:Did it.

Pepper:Tony,what was that?

Tony:I don't know but it will return...

Tony:My journey ended.Rhodey and me have gone away from Extremis signatures so we can be safe.But we will never be safe.I know that even if I die,I will still be Iron Man!

????:Return! We must save a lot of people from Extremis!

Tony:What? (Car Stopped)



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