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Mark VI's battle(Now on Copycat's Control)

After the Illusion Reactor was made,Mark VI was the best in the Extremis Illusions.

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The Start:The Armor was never shown in battle since the expirement made it just an armor.But it was strong in a lot of ways.The Copycat wanted the armor so he went to Extremis Subject to re-do it but he was already strong so the expirement didn't do anything.

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The Fight:When it went to fight Tony's Mark VII,it lost in 1 shot.Then it was shown that Copycat's jealousy destroyed the power supply and made the armor die in 1 hit.Copycat was never found but in the end he gets nightmares and wants to get the Reactor himself.

Copycat's First Hack:He got Mark VI before Igor-Buster,and won a lot of people.In the end he hacked Igor-Buster and made it stronger and gave it some Mark VI power.That was the strongest Iron Man Armor made by the Extremis Company.
Iron Man 3 MkXLII early concept 670 max


Balrentor discovered that the Mark VI was never made for Anti-Marvel but made for Marvel.